Bike Trailer: Burley Travoy

Well, I'm not carrying all this stuff on my back. Or even on my bike. Wheel-mounted panniers are the most popular form of long-distance bike cargo transport, but Citi Bike wasn't designed for that. It lacks the joint points necessary to affix a pannier.

Thank God someone invented this:

Actually, thank Burley whose Travoy trailer makes my trip possible. I bought mine at B Fold, an East Village basement bicycle shop that's as tiny as the folded bikes they sell. The guys at B Fold are super friendly and gave me lots of tips on how to use Travoy, which can lug up to 60 pounds and comes with an attachable cargo bag (not pictured). I also purchased a yellow rain cover ($45) to waterproof my trailer and add visibility.

Best of all, Travoy's easy-to-detach trailer means I can secure my bike and then roll or tote my stuff with me wherever I'm walking -- brilliant!

Read about my trial run with Travoy on NYC streets.