It goes something like this:

I hated my job but loved my commute on a Citi Bike, which led me to wonder, what if I could dump the job and keep the bike?

Hi, I'm an ordinary New Yorker with an extraordinary passion for traveling, writing and Citi Biking. I'm combining these part-time passions into one full-time pursuit to see the States, find a better me and hopefully inspire you.

Fed up with the cycle of working just to pay rent, I made drastic changes. I quit my dead-end job. I let the lease expire on an apartment in Brooklyn. I boxed my possessions into a 5' x 10' storage unit, locked the door and left the country.

When I came back I couldn't stomach entering the same trap of working just to pay rent on something I'd never own. So I refused to pay rent. I dog sat, cat sat, plant sat. I became a NYC nomad, living out of a backpack and staying with friends (fancy doorman building on the Upper West Side) or the cheapest place available on Airbnb (college dorm room with faulty plumbing on Fulton Mall).

Citi Bike was both my moving van and passport to this transient lifestyle: gym in TriBeCa, post office box in Chinatown, favorite cafe in Williamsburg, meetings in Times Square, storage unit near DUMBO, and a couch or bed somewhere in between. As long as a blue bike was somewhere near, I felt comfortable and in control.

Instead of a full-time job, I invested in my own projects. I raided my retirement account to redevelop my NYC guide app. Creating a product that has helped tens of thousands of tourists better explore the city gives me the satisfaction of helping others travel while building a content platform of my own.

I can work on the app from anywhere. So once again I'm hitting the road, but this time not flying across international borders. With trepidation I'm biking one slow mile at a time until my body, bank account or bike gives out.

I hope to inspire you to make some changes in your own life to gain a little more happiness or see the city in a new way. Bike commuting did that for me.

Follow me on this ride, and let's see what we will learn Crossing America.

Yours truly,