Countri Bike has no endorsement or affiliation with the bike share program in NYC, which refuses to comment publicly or privately. That's fine because I'm focused on the road ahead. My pre-trip outreach to discuss this endeavor fell on deaf ears. With nothing to lose except a one-time late fee, I undocked on August 7 and haven't looked back. I only regret I didn't start sooner.

This journey was planned with good intentions to spread the message of bike sharing and to demonstrate the durability of these fine bikes. Although Countri Bike is in use beyond the bike sharing boundaries, I strive to offset its temporary loss by sharing my experiences on the bike. Although not the "bike sharing" in the traditional sense, I put serious time and effort to write my Road Reports.  

This ride is hard work, not some self-aggrandizing publicity stunt. There are far easier ways to get press. I travel on unfamiliar roads. In the baking sun. With fast-moving traffic. Without a shoulder. For 5 or 6 hours a day. I wonder where I will sleep. I eat some dinner. Do some writing. Exhaustion overwhelms me. I wake up and repeat the process.

interactions with everyday people in small towns and bicycle advocates in urban areas is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I can't recall a negative reaction when I explain the history of this ride.