Packing List

So, dear reader, you may be wondering what I am lugging around. The answer is “too much.” I’m ok with that for now because it’s easier to get rid of stuff than realize you’re lacking it down the road. Note: kids, please do not try this at home.

1 running sneakers (Nike)
4 socks (Puma, Adidas)
4 underwear (3 ExOfficio, 1 Under Armour compression)
3 lightweight v-neck and crew shirts (Uniqlo)
2 fitted cycling shirts (Pearl Izumi and REI Novara)
1 long sleeve merino wool shirt (Icebreaker)
1 bike shorts (Pearl Izumi)
1 athletic shorts (Adidas)
1 nice shorts + belt (Banana Republic) [sent home]
1 multi-purpose green pants (Eastern Mountain Sports)
1 sunglasses
1 helmet (Giro)
1 bandanna
2 headbands (Halo)
2 arm sleeves (white sleeves by REI, American flag sleeves by Sleefs)
1 lightweight, multi-purpose gloves (Nike)
1 neon safety vest
1 neon rain jacket (NSR)
1 flip flops (Havaianas)
1 pillow case
1 microfiber towel

10 protein bars

Rolling trailer with rain cover (Burley Travoy)
Tent for 1 person (ALPS)
Sleeping bag (ALPS)
Sleep pad (Zrest)
Plastic floor cover
Plastic utensils set
Insulated water bottle with built-in mister
U-lock and cable
2 carabiners
Head lamp
2 rear bike lights [sent one home]
Bungee cord
2 sets of gear ties
Smiley banner (never know when this will come in handy!)
Collapsable water bottle [sent home]
Swiss Army Knife [sent home]
Extra AA/AAA batteries [sent home]
Armband mirror [sent home]
Sharpie [sent home]
Velcro [sent home]
Patch kit [sent home]

Laptop and charger (Apple Macbook Air)
Cell phone and charger (iPhone 5S)
Charger case
Phone charger stick (UNU)
Selfie stick (Polaroid) [sent home]
Bluetooth remote
Mini tripod

2 sunblock tubes 4 oz each (Vanicream Sunscreen Sport SPF 35 - great brand)
3 lipblock (2 Vanicream)
Chamois butt'r [sent home]   
Kleenex wet pack
Baby powder
2 hand wipe packs
2 bars of soap
Contacts - monthly and disposable
Face wash
Face moisturizer
Razor and 2 blades (Azor)
Shaving cream
Electric trimmer
Laundry solution for sink washes